12 Things To Do In Volendam


Volendam is known as Beautiful Fishing Village. It used to be a harbor in the Edam City laid in the river bank of IJsselmeer.

In 1357, Endam inhabitant need a new canal with the harbor to protect them from the influences of the Zuiderzee. The canal toward to Zuiderzee sea.

Then they do reclamation the old harbor and inhabitants live on this reclamation area.

Many people visit Volendam City include some of the famous artists in the world. The list of 12 things to do in Volendam could be your next vacation ideas.

12. Eat The Delicious Food

Things To Do In Volendam Eat The Delicious Food

Alongside the De Dijk, there are a lot of small cafes and restaurants. It would be wonderful visit restaurant Lotje and Grand Cafe Restaurant De Dijk. They have delicious foods and delicious drinks.

Do not forget to eat fish food. Some of the most popular food made from fish are kibbeling, eel and herring.

11. Visit Marinapark

Things To Do In Volendam Visit Marinapark

Marinapark Volendam is an all in one vacation destination. There are hotels to stay, bike rental, free sports and entertainment, indoor pool, Kids Club, Kids pool, Koos Konijn, Playground, recreation room, snack bar and supermarket.

If you need health help, there is a clinic for dentistry, bridge placement, crown and cosmetic dentistry.

For those who love the internet, there is Wi-fi in the park and it is free.

An electric car is trending and could be the solution of lack gasoline in the future. In this park, you can charge your electric vehicle at charging stations which are located in the central parking area.

10. Visit Volendam Museum

Things To Do In Volendam Visit Volendam Museum

Volendam Musem offers the past life of Fishing Village. I am sure this past life scenery is instagramable.

Volendam museum is a small museum located at Zeestraat 41, 1131 ZD, at the center of the Volendam City to be precise. The museum consists of three main construction; museum building, cigar house and movie theater.

Walk around inside museum building will fell you like live in the fishing village. There are a lot of collection, such as national dress of Volendam, jewelry, paintings, statues, glassware, pictures, postcard, old furniture.

Inside cigar house, you can see unique mosaic art made from 11 millions of cigarette wrapping. The authority of the city has been collected cigarette wrapping since 1947.

The museum opens every day at 10.00 am to 05.00 pm.

9. Buy Souvenir

Things To Do In Volendam Buy Souvenir

It is always a lovely idea to buy souvenir while on vacation. Whether you have a friend, girl/boyfriend, neighbor, or just a fellowship, buy a souvenir for them will make them happy.

There are a lot of small stores alongside Volendam main road. You can find a variety of goods, such as klampen, clothes, t-shirt, hat, knives for cutting cheese, dolls and other various kinds of products.

The small stores laid on the right side of the main road after the harbor to be precise.

8. Wear Traditional Costume

Things To Do In Volendam Wear Traditional Costume

Volendam city has a particular traditional costume. There are several photos studio has traditional costume alongside Havenstraat, such as Fotoshop Store and Foto de Boer.

You can take a picture of yourself in traditional clothing in those photo studio with decoration and Netherlands look like background.

7. Visit Football Club

Things To Do In Volendam Visit Football Club

Volendam has football club called FC Volendam which is located at Kras Stadion Volendam with 6,984 in capacity. It is founded on 1 June 1977.

The club migrates to professional football league in 1955. Since then, they won some honor trophy.

Some of the players are talented players, such as Wim Jonk, Edwin Zoetebier, Arnold and Gerrie Muhren.

The club also has a system to recruit a young player that exists in many different countries.

6. See Beautiful Canal

Things To Do In Volendam See Beautiful Canal

Canals in Volendam is well-known as it is beautiful. Just like the canals in Amsterdam, This is the famous place to visit in Volendam.

Picasso and Renoir, known as ones of the most excellent artist, has been here for a while as they fall in love with its beauty.

You can go around the canals and take a picture of them. Then put them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other your social media account.

5. Rent A Bike

Things To Do In Volendam Rent A Bike

Volendam is a small town. So it is very easy to go round visiting the tourist destination. If you like, it is a good idea to rent a bike.

Almost all the hotels in Volendam provide bikes to rent. One of the famous ones is Van der Valk Hotel Volendam. This hotel has two kinds of bike, for adult and kids. Do you feel it is hard to run a bike manually? There is an electric-powered bike ready for you.

4. City Walk

Things To Do In Volendam City Walk

Walk through the city is the other way to experience its beauty. Almost all the road in Volendam has a small size. So walking and biking are the most popular people doing here.

Do not forget to bring your beloved DSLR camera and iPhone or Android phone. Take a picture, selfie with the beautiful Volendam background, then put them on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media account.

3. Visit Church

Things To Do In Volendam Visit Church

There is a church in Volendam called St. Vincent of Paul. They do Daily Mass Times and Weekend Mass Times.

This church is located at Volendam, Noord-Holland 1131 Netherlands. You can have a visit to the church as your tourist destination.

Another place related to church is a Chapel. In Village Park, it is easy to find Chapel of Our Lady of the Water. This chapel is dedicated to missionaries and bishops who have grown up in Volendam.

2. Stay at Hotel

Things To Do In Volendam Stay at Hotel

Volendam has a lot of comfortable hotels to stay. Some of the famous ones are Art Hotel Spaander, Hotel Old Dutch, Appartement Volendam, Roompot Hotel Marinapark Volendam, Hotel der Valk Volendam, Volendam Hotel and many more.

You can book the hotel online or offline. For online booking, you need a credit card because most hotel received payment by credit card.

1. Rental a Boat

Things To Do In Volendam Rental a Boat

Rental a boat will make you easy to explore the beautiful river and canals in Volendam. There are two famous places to rent a boat; they are LeBelle Charters and Sloepverhuur Schroder Watersport Volendam.

Address Of Boat Rentals

1. LeBelle Charters is located at Strandweg 2, 1131 PM Volendam.

2. Sloepverhuur Schroder Watersport Volendam is located at Pietermann 10, 1131 PW Volendam, The Netherlands.

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