10 Things To Do In Montreal With Family

Montreal is the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. If you are planning to visit it, this exquisite city has a lot to offer. Here you will find delicious food, vibrant festivals, rich art and culture and a lot more. If you want to enjoy your tour at the maximum, following are some of the things to do in Montreal.

1. Visit the Underground City

Visit the Underground City

The Montreal’s underground city is among the best spots of the city and you must visit it. It is a 32Km long underground tunnel and has numerous attractions for you. Numerous shopping centers restaurants and much more is there. You will enjoy shopping here for sure. One must visit a wishing-fountain there.

2. Explore Some Art Galeries

Explore Some Art Galeries

There are numerous beautiful art galleries featuring captivating stuff. Have a look at rich Canadian art compilation in Galerie Saint Dizier and Darling Foundry. These two are the best ones while there are many other galleries as well. You are going t be stunned by the mesmerizing collection presented at these known galleries.

3. Relax at Clocktower Beach

Relax at Clocktower Beach

The Montreal’s old port offers a refreshing sight and an amazing beach experience. The river is not for your swimming adventure but the sand is all yours. Play volleyball here and enjoy with your family. Spend some time In the white sand oasis to have a peaceful and calm experience and relax your body and mind.

4. Have fun at Bota Bata

Have fun at Bota Bata

This ferry turned floating spa is a complete exotic treat for you. The fascinating seating on the water makes it more interesting. The five decks of the spa include have different installations which include saunas for a steam bath, relaxation area, enchanting gardens and restaurant all with a charming view and very appealing on water location.

5. Shop at Marche Bonsecours

Shop at Marche Bonsecours

It is an amazing market that has been there since 1848 and shopping here would be a pleasing and exciting venture for you. Visit it, move around this historical place and have a feel of ancient times. The not only vintage collection is available, several varieties of modern articles are also provided here.

6. Enjoy Pedal Boating

Enjoy Pedal Boating

Go for a pedal boat in the old town for making a wonderful memory around St Lawrence rives. This is going to be fun and will remind you of the old happy times of your childhood. It is a cute way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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7. Have A Flavorsome Meal At Toque

Have A Flavorsome Meal At Toque

This is one of the finest food spots of the town and has been serving the best taste and quality of food since 1993. It is a very romantic place and you must take your partner out for dinner here. Although it is expensive, the quality, taste, Service, and ambiance worth it

8. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At. Delices Erable Et Cie

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At. Delices Erable Et Cie

Situated in the center of old Montreal, it offers a mouthwatering treat for your taste buds. Taste some delightful products here that are made with natural ingredients without the addition of artificial flavors. A range of jelly candies, maple cookies and a lot more is there. This entire tasteful collection is worth a try.

9. Make Your Way To Museums

Make Your Way To Museums

Montreal is rich in culture, and art and there are numerous museums that you can visit to enrich your knowledge of history and arts and see a wide range of antique articles from all over the world. Among many worth visiting museums, the top two are Montreal Museum of fine arts and the Contemporary art museum.

10. Make A Quick Visit to Canada’s First Bank

Make A Quick Visit to Canada’s First Bank

This is truly amazing. You must have a look at this wondrous bank that is situated on Saint-Jacques street in old Montreal. It can also be called as a mini-museum because of its style and outlook. Here you will find the very first coins, old banknotes, important historical documents and a lot more.

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