16 Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain


The dry and hot season will not stop traveler visit Madrid. It is a big city with a lot of historic buildings, 24 museum and 34 theaters, and exciting attraction. The best time to visit the Madrid is in spring and autumn.

See bullfight, visit Puerta del Sol, enjoy flamenco dance, go shopping, go eating the typical food of Madrid potato omelet, are some of the lists of 16 best things to do in Madrid which is the capital of Spain. Read on.

16. Go Shopping

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Go Shopping

For those who are liking to shop, Madrid offers a lot of variety of branded goods which is easy to find, such as clothes, shoes, watch and jewelry.

Salamanca district is a stores area. Calle de Preciados which is located in the middle of Gran Via and Sol offers excellent quality of branded goods.

The biggest departments store in Spanish is here named El Corte Ingles which is located in Puerto del Sol.

Another place to buy goods is Flea Market. Flea Market El Rasto open every Sunday in the morning. A variety of secondhand with low prices is in this place which is located at Metro La Latina Station.

Looking for the book? There is Cuesta de Moyano, the book market in the public area near Museo del Prado.

After tired buy a lot of things, then lets eat something. Read below.

15. Go Eating

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Go Eating

The famous food in Madrid is Tortilla de patatas or potato omelet. Almost every restaurant has the food.

There is a halal restaurant here. It is easy to find Halal Resturant in Madrid. For Muslim traveler, it is good news. Following are the list of some halal restaurant in Madrid.

a. El Califa, Celle de Trujillo 3

b. Nawab, Calle de Costanilla de Los Angeles 12

c. Capadocia Kebap, Calle de las Carretas 14

d. Bombay Palace, Calle d Barbieri.

Want to see the view of madrid? Then bus city is all you need in the list at #14.

14. Bus City Tour

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Bus City Tour

If you want to go around the Madrid city, then bus city tour is the choice. It would take the visitor to every corner of trip destination in Madrid.

It is easy to buy the ticket. There is two kind of ticket, for a day and two days.

Going around the city, take pictures of the view of the city, put them on Facebook, Instagram and may take videos are some of the best things to do.

Do you like sheep herd? Find out in the list #13.

13. Go to La Transhumancia Festival

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Go to La Transhumancia Festival

La Transhumancia is Festival that is no vehicles are not allowed on the street in the Center City when it last. Thousands of sheep and livestock herded to the road.

It is held in October and begin from City Hall to Plaza de la villa.

Are the Kids with you? Then the list #12 is yours.

12. Visit Parque de Atracciones

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Parque de Atracciones

For those who are on vacation with kids, the Parque de Atracciones is a must-visit place. It is an amusement park for kids with the variety of fun, such as zoo, aquarium, dolfinarium, bird park and lake.

Want to see attractions? There is some exciting attraction here. Car Crash, 7 Peaks, The Pirates, The Labyrinth of Mirrors and The Valley of Prehistory are the famous list.

There is infant zone for a visitor who is carrying a baby.

This vacation destination which is located at La Cassa de Campo open every day from April to December at 12.00 pm. In winter, it opens every weekend.

The next trip is for football lover. It is Real Madrid Club.

11. Visit Santiago Bernabeu

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Santiago Bernabeu

For football lover, it would be wonderful to visit Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This stadium is the home to one of the famous football club in the Spain Real Madrid. It is located in Avenida de Conche Espina 1.

There is a museum in the stadium. It contains trophy, pictures of the players, soccer outfits and trinkets of Real Madrid Club.

Wait. Read on Royal Palace in the list #10. It is so beautiful.

10. Visit Royal Palace

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Royal Palace

Royal Palace is the icon of Madrid. It is one of the biggest and beautiful palaces in Europe.

The family kingdom is no longer live in this palace. It is only for ceremonial now.

In the palace, there is a stateroom that is decorated with rugs, painting on the wall, porcelain, fretwork and ornaments made in China.

A visitor is not allowed to take a picture here. The palace open at 09.00 am to 05.00 pm on Monday to Saturday, and 09.00 am to 05.00 pm on Sunday. When there is a ceremonial, a visitor can not enter.

There was Alcazar, a Moorish Palace, that was burned in 1734.

For those who like to the Charles King III Statue, then the list #9 is yours.

9. Visit Puerta del Sol

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is an area in the crowded center in Madrid, so there is much to do there. In this square, There is kind of festival, attraction, new year party and street art party.

Around the area, there is bar, restaurants and shops.

In the middle of the place, the Charles King III Statue, ride the horse, is standing. The statue faces the red white building. The building was a post office known as “Real Casa de Correos”. Today, it becomes the office of president.

On the red white building, there is a big clock which becomes the primary center every new year.

In the east area, There is “El Oso y El Madrono” which is the symbol of Madrid. It is a bear statue that is created by Antonio Navarro Santa Fe.

There is an area called Real Casa de Correos where the “Origen de las carreteras radiales” stone is located.

Next trip is Plaza Mayor. You may continue.

8. Visit Plaza Mayor

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Plaza Mayor

Another square in Madrid is Plaza Mayor where a lot of visitors go there to take a rest for a while after going around the city. It is located in the middle of Madrid city.

The square surrounded by buildings. In the buildings, there are a lot of restaurants, bars and shops. The information office of the Madrid trip is located in here.

In this area, there was a bullfight, arts performance and competition.

The nearest metro station, city transport, to Plaza Mayor is Sol and Opera.

Want to know Plaza de La Villa? Read on.

7. Visit Plaza de La Villa

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Plaza de La Villa

For those who want to visit historic buildings, then Plaza de La Villa is the right choice. Torre de Lujanes, Casa de Cisneros and Casa de la Villa are the must-visit buildings in this area. They are the oldest buildings in Madrid.

The buildings used to be the university, leading field, the home to aristocratic and town hall.

The nearest Metro Station is Sol.

Do you believe in fertility goddesses? The list #6 is waiting for you.

6. Visit Plaza de Cibeles

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Plaza de Cibeles

One of the Best Madrid Icon is Place de Cibeles. It is located in the intersection of Celle de Alcala and Paseo del Prado.

There is Cybele Statue that some people believe it is as fertility goddesses and control the universe ride on a train pulled by Two Lions.

Another view is fountain around the statue will keep the air fresh.

In the south-east of the field, there is Palacio de Cibeles that is known as the one of the most beautiful town-hall in the world.

To get there, metro line 2 is what you need. Stop at the Banco de Espana Station.

The next is the collection of masterpieces. Read on.

5. Visit Museo del Prado

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Museo del Prado

Museo del Prado is the must-visit museum in Madrid. It is located at Paseo del Prado. A lot of artworks created by famous artist from Europe is here.

The museum open at 10.00 am to 20.00 pm. On Monday, it close early at 07.00 pm.

To enter the museum, it is going to need sum of money.

For those who is wondering what kind of artworks here, here are the list of masterpieces in the museum :

a. The crucifixion by Juan de Flandes
b. The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest by El Greco
c. Las Meninas by Velazquez
d. Jacob’s Dream by Jose de Ribera
e. The 3rd of May 1808 in Madrid : The Executions on Principe Pio Hill by Goya
f. The Annunciation by Fra Angelico
g. The Cardinal by Raphael
h. The Emperor Charles V, on Horseback, in Muhlberg by Titian
i. The Immaculate Conception by Tiepolo Giambattista
j. Descent from the Cross by Roger van der Weyden
k. The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch
l. The Three Graces by Peter Paul Rubens
m. Self Potrait by Albrecht Durer
n. Artemis by Rembrandt

Do you like museums? Read on.

4. Visit Reina Sofia

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Reina Sofia

Reina Sofia is located at Santa Isabel 52. It is a museum that has on display a lot of artworks by Pablo Picasso. In fact, it is dedicated to Pablo Picasso creation.

It opens at 10.00 am to 09.00 pm on Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, it closes early at 02.30 pm. On Tuesday and holiday, the museum closes.

3. Visit Thyssen Museum

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Thyssen Museum

Tyssen museum is dedicated to those who are looking for the art history in West. From primitive Flemish, Italian painters to pop art the 20th century is here.

The museum which is located at Paseo del Prado 8, opens at 10.00 am to 07.00 pm on Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday, it closes.

2. See Flamenco Show

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain See Flamenco Show

One of the exciting things in Madrid is Flamenco Dance. The best place for doing this dance is at Corral de la Moreria. It is located at Calle Moreria 17. The visitor can enjoy the dance and dinner.

Another place performs the dance is Cafe De Chinitas that is suitable for those who do not want dinner which is located at Calle Torija 7.

The Flamenco Dance usually held twice a night. It is at 08.00 pm (shift 1) and 11.15 pm (shift 2).

The last of the list is Las Ventas. Read on.

1. Visit Las Ventas

Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain Visit Las Ventas

Las Ventas is known as the place where bullfight held. The best famous bullfight is San Isdiro Festival. It carried on May and June which is lasting for twenty days.

When it is not San Isdiro Festival, the bullfight will be held every Sunday at 07.00 pm. The ticket is available from Friday to Sunday.

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