10 Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

The amish country ohio is comprised of five counties, namely, Holmes, Adams, Wayne, Geauga, and Tuscarawas located in the Northeast of Ohio County. It has the highest population of the Amish people; approximately 50,000 people, who work and live in this beautiful countryside. Nestling in the small Amish country, are meandering back roads and rolling landscapes that make for a relaxing getaway. On your Next Vacation , backpack for an amazing road trip to the Amish Country and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. There are no signboards directing you to places to visit in amish country ohio because there exists a hidden natural gem, which you should discover as you traverse the countryside and interact with the locals.

10. Amish Country subways

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

The 160-mile unique roadway takes you through the best panoramic view routes of ohio amish country. One of the priceless things to enjoy is a drive through the gently sloping hills and with scenic views of the countryside. You can take a horse ride or drive past the quaint country homes and farms with a stopover at one of the local restaurants for a homemade meal. Maps for the passage way can be collected in the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce or by Ohio Transport department.

9. Yoder’s Bargain store

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

Yoder’s Bargain store located in Fredericksburg is one of the greatest places to visit in amish country ohio. The hidden gem is a shoppers paradise where you find clothes, woolen hats, purses, homeopathic creams, work gloves, glassware, cookware, spiritual sculptures, and ornaments. The Amish people flock to the store to purchase items, as they are cheaper as compared to traditional stores. The store comprises of several floors and lanes of shelves with a variety of unique items displayed for trade. However, the store does not accept credit cards, hence one should carry cash when going shopping.

8. The Victorian house museum

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

The elegant 28-room Victorian museum located in Millersburg contains a rich history about the settlement of the Amish people in the region. At this place, you get a glimpse of the Amish people’s lives in the 1900s as portrayed in the historic area with furniture, artifacts, glassware, and period piece displays. The best time to visit the museum is during winter when it is embellished with festival d├ęcor and more than 40 theatrical trees bring you back to the Amish medieval times.

7. Sweetwater farm

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

The Sugarcreek Sweetwater farm is the perfect destination for anybody with a sweet tooth for organic produce. The family ran farm business specializes in producing blueberries and strawberries used to make fruit jams. The farm opens to the public from May to November when they sell fresh fruits and vegetables. The place is a preferred joint by locals and tourists with a green thumb for their luxurious hanging baskets, quality mulch, and bedding plants. Produce is also cheaper at the farm than in local grocery shops.

6. The depot

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

One of the best joints to enjoy traditional drinks in Amish country is a stopover at the Depot ice cream store. It is located at the Middlefield Historical Society in an antique B&O Railroad building constructed in 1874. The shop hosting the depot was wrecked by fire and reconstructed as an ice-cream store in 1910. It has a front yard where you can unwind with locals who have many tales regarding the Amish culture. The depot also features historic souvenirs with a rich history of the Amish traditions. Alongside the depot is a caboose car, which you can hire to take you around the town.

5. Amish Riding stables

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

If you want to get a real touch with the Amish culture, take a horseback ride through Ohio’s panoramic countryside with the Amish Country Riding Stables. The stables offer guided horse rides trips for groups of two to five riders at a time. The tours take an average of 45 minutes for both experienced and inexperienced riders. During winter, horse-drawn chariots are drawn through the stunning landscapes. If you do not enjoy riding, you can sit back at the Guggisberg Swiss Inn and enjoy the elegant horses on the farm.

4. Amish Cheese tours

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

One common delicacy among the Amish people is cheese. During your visit to ohio amish country, you can tour local cheese factories and see how cheese is made from local produce and labor. The Guggisberg Cheese in Sugarcreek, Heini’s Cheese Chalet in Berlin, and Steiner Dairy in Baltic are some of the local factories that offer daily tours around the factory. Most of the tours end with free samples of different cheese products and a chance to purchase your favorites at cheaper prices as compared to local groceries. Remember to grab cheese snack bags containing cheese crumbles made from factory leftovers.

3. Baltic Country meat and deli

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

Baltic town hosts one of the best meat joints in Ohio. The farm at Baltic County Meat and Deli has the freshest meats from locally reared animals. All the meat salting and smoking processes are done at the farm with cheese that is prepared in-house. The place is open throughout the year for locals and tourists to enjoy the best of the Amish meat delicacies.

2. Raber’s shoes and saddlery

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

Deep in the heart of Adams County, is a leather company owned and operated by an Amish family. The company produces the best leather products ranging from custom-made horse saddles, shoes and boots. You can often come back for a pair of custom-made leather boots for a country feel or to paddle through the snow in winter.

1. The farm at Walnut Creek

Places To Visit in Amish Country Ohio

The farm has over 500 species of animals offering a mind-blowing experience for people of all ages in amish country ohio. The interactive farm features buffaloes, Llamas, giraffes, and deer from different continents. Visitors can enjoy feeding some of the exotic breeds using conventional cars or horse-drawn carriages. You can enjoy various activities at the farm based on the season such as plowing, thrashing, and canning. You can also purchase fresh farm produce from the no-electric farmhouse that houses different farm stands.

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