10 Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe Allow Dog, Cat, Others To Stay


Whenever you are travelling one of the biggest worries that you may have (if you own a pet) is where would you leave them? Or who would take care of them? It is not always possible that you find a sitter for them. When planning a trip to Europe which may be a long one and may take a while for you to be reunited with you furry friend again. It may also be hard for you to leave your pet alone just for the fact that you’ll miss them too much! Well worry not, there are now hotels all over the world that allow you to bring along you pet. Some of these hotels even make surer that they have treats and baths and beds or rooms ready for your furry little friend. You can this way take your cat or dog with you on your vacation and enjoy without missing them or having to worry about them.

Before you take your pet on such travels with you make sure that they are updated on their vaccinations and deworming’s and that they are in good enough health to travel or else you might end up ruining your vacation if they are unfit to travel.

Here is a list of 10 pet friendly hotels in Europe, all over Europe:

10. Four seasons hotel Hampshire, Winchfeild, England

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

Located only an hour away from London this hotel not only has nice and cozy rooms but is also pet friendly; in fact it is so pet friendly the hotel itself has its own a black Labrador named Oliver. With an applicable fee of £35, your pet can receive many benefits such has a bed, a dish, a packet of food and spring water on arrival. The pets that are expected to stay there must not weigh more than 30kg (66 pounds); they must be fully house trained and be at least 6 months old.

9. Axor Feria, Madrid, Spain

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

An elegantly designed hotel that offers free Wi-Fi and is located 5 mins from the airport with many facilities such as a pool and a spa and wellness center etc. this hotel also allows you to bring your furry friends with you. A perfect getaway with your significant other and not having to worry about your pet is a great deal so bring your furry friend along with you to Madrid.

8. Hotel de l’univers, St Malo, France

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

This hotel is Located in the charms of the old city with the bed rooms furnished in the tones of red and brown and a cozy bar. This hotel also allows you to bring along your furry friend with the addional cost of 10 euros per night.

7. Hotel du chateau, Dinan, France

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

Built opposite to the castle in the heart of medieval Dinan on the river Rance, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Brittany, this hotel also welcomes dogs 10 euros per night it also contains free public parking.

6. Grand hotel du Palais royal, Paris

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

At this hotel at their arrival the pets are treated with lamb or chicken mini cupcakes, a bowl of Evian water and a welcome note, they are also provided a bed; For just an additional cost of 35 euros per night. “Le Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal” will delight them with unique miniature pastries made by “Made In Pet”, a provider specialized in sweets for cats and dogs using the best and the finest French ingredients, healthy and 100% natural.

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5. Hotel am Fjord, Germany

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

This hotel not only allows you to bring your furry friend along for the cost 10 euros per night but also serves breakfast and takes care of your diet in a special way in that they have gluten free options etc.

4. NH Valladolid Balago, Spain

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

Dogs and cats are allowed for 20 euros per night with the maximum height of 40 cm and weight of 20 kg and for guide dogs there is no charge. The rooms for your own stay are also cozy and they offer breakfast and have a fully loaded bar at your disposal.

3. Hotel Novotel, London, England

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

This hotel offers free parking and increased mobility for disabled people and also a spot for your furry friend for the price of 20 pounds per stay. This hotel in addition to this also contains conference rooms that you can use. And take your pet along with you to work trips too!

2. JW Marriott Venice Resort & SPA, Venice, Italy

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

Is a pet friendly hotel with condition which are varying as to which pets are allowed for that you must contact the hotel for more details. Despite being a bet friendly resort it is located at a beautiful destination that both you and your furry companion can enjoy and are able to relax in.

1. Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus, Oslo, Norway

Pet Friendly Hotels In Europe

Pets are more than welcome to stay at this beautiful hotel for the price of 250 NOK per stay the hotel just requires that you inform them beforehand that you will be bringing along your furry friend so that a room can be saved for their stay. This hotel does not allow smoking.

Before checking into any of these hotels make sure that you inform them that you are bringing your pet with you and make sure you ask about their policies on pets and if they are charging for the stay or by the night. It would also be good to make sure your pet is house trained and isn’t too fussy so that it doesn’t become difficult for you or the hotel staff to manage your pet.

There you have it a list of 10 pet friendly hotels in all of Europe, now you can enjoy your stay with your furry little friend and they can be your companion in this journey in which you are exploring yourself isn’t that kind of friendship the best?


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