9 Most Impressive And Beautiful Waterfalls In Africa

There are 9 waterfalls could be found in africa land. All are amazing and could make you smile and may cure your sick too. Dropping water from the sky rock will clean the air around the waterfalls. That is why you can feel the air cleanly and freshly. Any way, for anyone who has money, I will encourage to visit them.

9. Aughrabies

It is 137 meters height, the water is streaming on orange river, south africe.

8. Baratieri

It is 140 meters height, the water is streaming on Ganale Dorya, Ethiopia.

7. Boyama (Stanley)

It is 61 meters height, the water is streaming on Lualaba River, Zaire.

6. Kabalega (Murchison)

It is about 122 meters height, streaming on Victoria Nile, Uganda.

5. Kalambo

It is about 215 meters height, streaming on Kalambo River, Tanzania-Zambia.

4. Maletsunyane

It is about 192 meters height, streaming on Orange River Tributary, Lesotho.

3. Ruacana

It is about 124 meters height, streaming on Cunene River, Angola.

2. Tugela

It is about 854 meters height, streaming on Tugela River, South Africa.

1. Victoria

It is about 108 meters height, streaming on Zambezi River, Zambia-Zimbabwe.

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