20 Campgrounds In New Hampshire US


Camping in New Hampshire is one of those enjoyable activities that you will like quite a lot. What makes it great is the fact that it allows you to calm down from the unique challenges that you have to deal with on a day to day basis. Camping can be a lot of fun, and it’s always bringing in a nice vibe that you may need in your day to day life. Exploring New Hampshire’s campgrounds is extraordinary, and it’s that type of experience that you are bound to appreciate and enjoy a lot. It is a one of a kind way to spend your time. And yes, there are some great campgrounds for you to enjoy!

1. Mackintosh Homestead Experience

Mackintosh Homestead Experience

Mackintosh Homestead Experience in NH Mackintosh Homestead

This is a five-acre homestead that can be found in the Monadnock region and it’s around 90 minutes from Boston. Here you have immediate access to a river, fruit trees, medicinal herbs, and the campground even allows fires and pets. Also, they also have potable water sources here too.

2. Meadow Camping

Meadow Camping

Meadow Camping in New Hampshire D Acres of NH

You can find it in the Rural Dorchester, and it’s one of the few four season camping sites out there. They have a meadow space and 5 tent platforms. It’s a general area for camping, and they do have seasonal showers and kitchens too. It’s a small, great community. Pets are not allowed here though!

3. Riverside Camp

Riverside Camp

Riverside Camp at Brandmoore in NH Rebecca B.’s Land

The location is right near the Salmon Falls River, and it’s a privately hosted facility. There are 3 private sites here, and you have immediate access to the river and a great farm as well. It may be a private camping ground, but it’s really fun.

4. White Mountain Refuge

White Mountain Refuge

White Mountain Refuge in NH Mountain Freedom Retreat

Here you have 7 acres of outstanding camping grounds. You have access to kayaks and ponds, not to mention there’s also a swimming hole too. There are some great tent sites as well, and being in the White Mountain National Forest is very nice!

5. Baker River Hip Haven

Baker River Hip Haven

Baker River Hip Haven In NH

Baker River Hip Haven enables you to enjoy some nice camping experiences right near the White Mountain National Forest of the Baker River. It’s a peaceful and enjoyable camping place where fires and pets are allowed. The sites are pretty small but worth checking out.

6. Canvas Wall Tent

Canvas Wall Tent

Canvas Wall Tent – Glampsite NH

Just as the name suggests, this is a campsite focused on enjoying luxury while also being right near nature as you see fit. It’s a private camping site, and it does bring in front quite an interesting and impressive, enjoyable experience.

7. Trappeur Tent


Trappeur Tent by the Lake in NH Huttopia White Mountains

This one is also a nice glamping experience which helps you stay close to nature by accessing a stellar combination of wood and canvas tents. There are even a kitchen and two fridges.

8. Nichols Tenney Farm

Nichols Tenney Farm

Nichols Tenney Farm in NH

When you visit this farm, you will also note that they have a great camping site. It’s a private camping area, sure, but it’s right near the Beaver Brook Association, and there are thousands of acres of forests, wildlife and trails in here too, which is amazing.

9. Traditional Style Tipi

Traditional Style Tipi

Traditional Style Tipi in NH Toad Hill

Tipi tents are tons of fun, so camping and having this type of accommodation option is quite exciting. This location is quite impressive and certainly worth your time.

10. Waterfront Camping

Waterfront Camping

Waterfront Camping -Kayaks Incl in New Hampshire Lazy River to Lake Camp Site

You get to enjoy the desired tent and spend your time on a peninsula surrounded by water. Plus, the campsite is private, and it also gives you access to kayaks too. Overall, it’s a great experience and a very enjoyable one.

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11. Lafayette Place Campground

Lafayette Place Campground

Lafayette Place Campground in NH Franconia Notch State Park

Camping here is great, and you have immediate access to numerous hiking locations. The sites are located on the moderately wooded side.

12. Camping Along The Contoocook

Camping Along The Contoocook

Camping along the Contoocook in NH

Camping on the Contoocook is the type of place where you can bring your canoe, bike and hiking shoes to enjoy your time. The camping ground is large and impressive, and you have lots of great amenities too.

13. Canadian Wood And Canvas Tent

Canadian Wood And Canvas Tent

Canadian Wood and Canvas Tent in NH Huttopia White Mountains

A lot of people like this campsite because it’s in the middle of the wilderness. It does have a great comfort and value, and at the same time, you get wooden frames and flooring for your tent which is great. It is a tremendous and fun experience.

14. Locally Crafted Yurt

Locally Crafted Yurt

Locally Crafted Yurt in NH Toad Hill

Toad Hill has a lot of nice locations for camping, and this one is very nice. You have a wooden background, and the structure is large enough to hold even some parties too.

15. Dolly Copp Campground

Dolly Copp Campground

Dolly Copp Campground in New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest

The location of this campground is very good since you are in the White Mountain National Forest. The landscape is breathtaking, and you do get to come with pets here too. Overall, it’s a tremendous experience for any camping enthusiast.

16. Surround Yourself With Nature

Surround Yourself With Nature

Surround Yourself With Nature in NH Toad Hill

This is yet another great location in Toad Hill, and the best part about it is that it can provide you with a great array of activities. The forest backdrop is also quite nice.

17. Sawyer Pond Shelter Tentsite

Sawyer Pond Shelter Tentsite

Sawyer Pond Shelter & Tentsite in NH White Mountain National Forest

Nothing is more interesting than being in this region and enjoying the beautiful locations and outstanding vista. It’s just unreal, and you also have great backpacking experiences too, which is great!

18. Meadow Camping

Meadow Camping

Meadow Camping in D Acres of NH

Thanks to this great camping location and the 5 tent platforms, you are bound to get an exciting adventure time. You are close to a nice meadow space, and there’s also a seasonal kitchen and solar shower too.

19. Explore The Lakes Region

Explore The Lakes Region

Explore the Lakes Region in NH

Explore the Lakes Region allows you to stay right near the lakes and you also are very close to a large town beach. Obviously, you also get to have lots of hiking opportunities in here too.

20. Pillsbury Campground

Pillsbury Campground

Pillsbury Campground in NH

The Pillsbury State Park campsite is very refreshing, and you get to be right near ponds, wetlands, and miles of hiking as well as mountain trails. It’s a wonderful place for hiking and certainly one of the most interesting locations if you enjoy hiking as a whole.

New Hampshire has a wide range of great campgrounds, but these are some of the best. A combination of private and public campgrounds, this list is definitely the one to check out if you want to start camping in New Hampshire, so give these great locations a shot, and you will not be disappointed!

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