10 Budget Places To Stay In Osaka Japan


Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, full of many great attractions, landmarks and places for fine dining. In the past Osaka was major place for international trade and today is one of the most progressive cities with vivid cultural, art and entertainment scene. The following are the top 10 cheap places to stay in Osaka, all coming with all the necessary things required for spending a comfortable holiday.

1. Drop Inn Osaka

Drop Inn Osaka

Drop Inn Osaka has rooms with average prices of 40 dollars. The rooms are comfortable and the hotel staff is very friendly. Rooms are very clean and equipped with safety deposit boxes and free Wi-Fi connection. You have access to shower cubicles and this place is ideal for those travelling on tighter budget. From this hotel you can easily reach the JR Osaka Station with a short ten minute walk.

2. Osaka Hana Hostel

Osaka Hana Hostel

Osaka Hana Hostel is located very close to the popular Shinsaibashi shopping street in the middle of the city. The rooms come at affordable prices below 40 dollars, and they offer all the essentials for your holiday. The bed mattresses are very comfortable you also have free storage for your luggage. From this hotel you can quickly reach Shinsaibashi station and explore more of Osaka.

3. Osaka Townhouse

Osaka Townhouse

Osaka Townhouse is the cheapest place you can find for your stay, and here you can hire a room for less than twenty dollars per person. This Townhouse has three floors and is always popular place to stay, so you should book in advance. The rooms are spacious and clean, and this place is located close to Dotonbori Food Street, which is popular attraction in Osaka.

4. Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka

Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka

Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka is an adult-only hostel with dorms coming for average price of 40 dollars. However, keep in mind that Japanese Yen is the only currency accepted at the counter, but you can pay in other currency if you pay online. The dorms are really clean and here you have access to numerous great facilities such as high speed internet access and free laptop loans. The dorm beds are also very large and soft, ideal for resting.

5. J-hoppers Osaka Guesthouse

J-hoppers Osaka Guesthouse

J-hoppers Osaka Guesthouse is located on a very convenient location, and one of the best things is that the average price of dormitories is around 35 dollars. Guests at this hostel can enjoy many nice social events specially organized for them. Staff is friendly and speaks English well, while the dorm rooms are clean, bright and spacious. From this hostel you have easy access to train station from where you can quickly reach numerous attractions in Osaka.

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6. Guesthouse U-en

Guesthouse U-en

Guesthouse U-en is located in the middle of very nice surroundings, and this place has a hundred year old tradition of accepting guests. The staff is friendly, there is one big lounge area where guests can socialize, and there are rooms that come with traditional furnishings. You have free Wi-Fi available, and the main Osaka station is within short walk from the hostel. The average price of dorms in this guesthouse is around 35 dollars.

7. Ark Hostel

Ark Hostel

Ark Hostel is very clean and it offers nice rooms with large beds and rooms with curtains for added privacy. The English speaking staff is always ready to help in case you need something. Average price of dorms is around 45 dollars and here you also have personal lockers available. Showers and toilets are very clean and are equipped with hair dryers. There is also fast Wi-Fi available on the property, and from Ark Hostel you can reach the Higobashi Station in under two minutes walk.

8. Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi

Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi

Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi is a very interesting capsule hotel. Here you need to store your shoes in special lockers and then you get sleep wear and towels for your capsule. The sleeping is comfortable and the capsules are available for 40 dollars. Here you have access to saunas and public baths, while individual showers are not available. If you want to experience something unique at affordable prices, then this is the place to stay in Osaka.

9. Khaosan World Namba Hostel

Khaosan World Namba Hostel

Khaosan World Namba Hostel has a top location just a few minutes walk from the attractive Dotonbori Food Street and JR Namba Station. The sleeping spaces in this hostel are very quiet, private, clean, and covered with wireless internet access. Each floor in this hostel has single gender amenities and the average price for stay is below 40 dollars. This hostel accepts guests over the age of 18.

10. Blue 2 Central Rainbow House

Blue 2 Central Rainbow House

Blue 2 Central Rainbow House is one of the cheapest places to stay in Osaka, with prices of 30 dollars for one person. There is also six dollars charge for cleaning and you need to put down a security deposit when you arrive. The rooms have large beds, Wi-Fi access and other quality facilities for spending a good holiday. The popular Dotonbori area of Osaka is just twenty minutes walk away.

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