10 Budget Hotel To Stay In Hong Kong For Business, Tourists And Travelers


Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world where you could relax, enjoy and have fun. No doubt that it has Disneyland and other theme parks for the whole family. Aside from this, who could forget the luxury hotels that captivates tourists and travelers?

You might also feel excited To Visit Hong Kong for your next family vacation trip. Well, it would be excellent to know more about the 10 Best Hong Kong Hotels before you book for the next plane.

1. Royal Plaza Hotel

Royal Plaza Hotel

Travelers and vacationers are sure to love this hotel due to its accessibility and the excellent accommodation was given. This four-star hotel reflects a Roman-style look due to the swimming pool and its outer façade. You would only take 45 minutes ride if you are from the airport.
You could witness amazing sites such as the Grand Century Palace where you are at the window of your hotel room. The foods are tasty and excellent.

2. Harbour Grand Kowloon

Harbour Grand Kowloon

The 96 suites and the service suites are not only the reason why should book in this hotel. Witness amazing sites together with a fast access to the hotel gates. You also have an excellent service crew that meets your requirements by giving you the best service you want. Be amazed by the waterfront space in the hotel grounds together with the cool entertainment.

3. Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong

Enjoy full comfort and satisfaction while riding a shuttle bus going to the hotel. Be amazed by the combination of old and new architecture that gives the hotel a captivating look. Relax in a spacious room that is filled with high-level accommodation. Feast your eyes with the international and local shops that could be seen outside the hotel. The foods are yummy and amazing and watching shows are simply incredible.

4. Regal Kowloon Hotel

Regal Kowloon Hotel

Enjoy a round of the clock room service if you visit the hotel. Feel a relaxing mood as the non-smoking room fills the satisfaction in you. You could see and watch great sites that are near the hotel such as parks and the Centennial Garden. Access the hotel by the quickest route and enjoy the reliable hotel service during your stay. The staff is kind and experts in the thing they are doing.

5. Ovolo Central

Ovolo Central

Let fun, enjoyment, and relaxation touch you as you book a room at this hotel. Enjoy Hong Kong nightlife with the selection of bars near the hotel. Get your shopping bags ready as there are boutiques and shopping malls you could visit. You could select from a standard or a deluxe room. Feel the thrill of excitement as each room as a TV, WIFI and air conditioning all given for your delight. Furthermore, you are given a laundry facility as well as a gym to get your recreation and hobbies to the test.

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6. Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON

Take your vacation in Hong Kong to the next level by booking a room in Hotel ICON. You could also ride a shuttle that delivers you to the hotel location in 20 minutes. Be inspired to shop at the shopping malls near the hotel and shop for souvenirs in the market. Feel the joy of bonding with your family or your loved one as you are given the best rooms and hotel facilities that is all for you to enjoy. Your stay would surely be a memorable one.

7. JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

Guests looking for the best luxury experience could come to this hotel to enjoy and have fun. You have different rooms to choose from together with the excellent features such a flat-screen TV, WIFI, and internet. There are restaurants and shop close by to give you fine dining and memorable shopping experience. The hotel has also an outdoor swimming pool that offers a fantastic time for you and your family to enjoy.

You are also offered with health facilities that come with complete tools. The staff is skilled to meet your expectations.

8. The Upper House

The Upper House

One of the best small luxury hotels in Hong Kong that is worth to visit. The contemporary design matches the elegance of the hotel together with the great room functions it offers. Guests are welcome to stay at the cozy rooms and enjoy the best hotel service that is given. Here, you could do relaxing leisure by visiting the hotel spa and the health facilities. All the guests. Would enjoy the great views that could be witnessed together with the high-quality entertainment of music and dance

9. Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong

Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong

Take the best chance of enjoying the best Hong Kong Vacation or Travel if you stay in this hotel. The amazing sites and view are simply amazing to witness. You have an easy ride from the MR station as shuttle buses are available for your comfort. Some guests could go to the hotel in a walking distance. The hotel gives you an excellent service that is delivered by trained and qualified staff so you wouldn’t miss fun and excitement here.

10. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

This hotel is considered to be one of the most famous luxury hotels in the world. The excellent and contemporary designed rooms complete with the latest accommodations that you are going to like. There are spas and restaurants close to the hotel so you have satisfaction in getting fun and relaxation here.

You could also have satisfaction by visiting the spa station and beauty centers close to the hotel. You could spice up your vacation having a pool party at the outdoor pool. The classy and rich ambiance of the hotel gives each guest great time and satisfaction. Furthermore, you also have a chance to enjoy the hotel promos for guests.

Visiting Hong Kong is a worthy experience for both travelers and vacationers. The luxury ambiance of each hotel invites you to an excellent experience you would be proud of. So, what are you waiting for, book in one of these hotels and make your vacation or travel adventure a memorable one?

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