14 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands With Maps


The Netherlands is a country with a lot of historic buildings, windmills, busy port, amazing fresh beautiful flowers, cycling and stunning sight to see. I am sure after reading the list of 14 best places to visit in the Netherlands, you will have enough reasons to visit the country with all families and of course, the money.

14. Amsterdam

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the country. This is the biggest city in the Netherlands. There are a lot of Dam. That is why its name is Amsterdam.

It has a lot of architectural buildings that have its history. Oude Kerk is the oldest building.

It is advice people here to not driving a car. The council provides a particular road for driving a bicycle. In fact, the number of a bicycle is more than the people live here. You can rent a bike too if you want. Bike city, MacBike and rent a Bike Damstraat are the famous ones which provide a bike for rent.

The halal restaurant is available here. It is essential for Muslim.

There are many parks, open spaces, and squares throughout the city. Voldenpark is the largest one.

13. Drielandenpunt

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Drielandenpunt

Drielandenpunt is a Hill where an intersection area of tree country take place. They are Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This place is in the city, named Vaalseberg.

In the Drielandenpunt, there is An Amazing Labyrinth. It is designed by an English designer, Adrian Fisher. Its construction needs 17.000 hornbeams trees.
A traveler will find a restaurant, cafe that do provide a lot of food like pancakes and drinks in the peak of the Hill.

Alongside the road to the city, stand a lot of old castles and wheat landscaping. Fresh air from trees of the forest will fill a lung.

In the center of the city, there are two recommended hotels, Kasteel Bloemendal Hotel and Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek.

12. Maastricht

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Maastricht

Maastricht is an old city with a lot of ruins of Spain and Rome. A lot of buildings has a Belgium and France architecture.

Like another city in the Netherlands, ride a bicycle is popular in the city. Aon de Stasie, Orange Bike and Cycle Center are three favorite places for renting a bike.

For a hungry traveler, it is good to go to Gadjah Mas, Chateau Neercanne and Sukhothai. They will provide a delicious meal from the Mediterranean to Asia.

Any other lovely places to visit is Kruisherenhotel Maastricht, Townhouse Hotel Maastricht, The Vrijthof Square, Basilika Sint Servaas, Saint Jans Church, Vrijthof Museum, City Hall, Bonnefanten Museum and Sint Servaasbrug bridge and Hill.

11. Efteling

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Efteling

Efteling is a city of amusement parks and fairy tale. In the beginning, amusement parks designed for kids. Today, adult and kids may come to the parks. There is a variety of fairy tale that kids and adult can enjoy. Beside it, it has a lot of rides.

Fairy Tale Forest (Het Sprookjesbos) is one of the most popular tales. It is designed with cozy by a filmmaker from the Netherlands, Reijnders Petrus.

There are four favorite rides. They are Reizenrick, Marerijk, Ruigrijk and Anderijk.

Other popular rides are Gondoletta, Pagoda, Sprookjesbos, Joris en de draak and De vliegende hollander.

10. Apeldoorn

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn is a city situated in the middle of a forest. Green is a popular color and scenery, because of a lot of trees. Beautiful view, park and historic building is the list of the most popular tourist destination.

Paleis Het Loo, Apenheul Park, Oranje Park, Prins Hendrikplein, Wilhelmina Park, Prinsen Park and Verzetstrijders Park and Koningin Juliana Toren Apeldoom is the favorite list.

Train and bus are the transportation people use daily. The train is connecting the city to other cities. The bus is available for touring around the city.

When it comes to hungry, poffertjes, holland pancake, holland waffles, potat ( Potato Fries) with mayonnaise sauce and pindakaas sauce, fried rice, satay(sate) and much more is ready at many restaurant and cafeteria.

9. Volendam

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Volendam

You can see a museum, football club, rent a bike, eating at its best restaurant and much more. Transportation available here is bus, bike and train.

The windmill is one of the particular things here. Many industries are using it to support its operations.

Volendam Museum is the famous museum every traveler should come by. You need to buy a ticket to enter in.

There are a lot of souvenirs in the city. It is good to buy ones for your families or friends.

It has a beautiful island called Marken Island. You can visit by bus or boat. The fun things to do is ice skating. Do not forget the equipment.

8. Zaanse Schans

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Zaanse Schans

You can see a lot of windmills. It is part of tourist attraction available.

For a reasonable reason, you must eat. De Kraai, De Hoop op d’Swarte Walvis, a cafe in the Zaans Museum will provide good food. They are the most famous ones.

Bus, train and rent a bike could be the option for everyone to go everywhere.

Zaan Museum, Grocery Museum Albert Heijn and Bakery Museum In De Gecroonde Duijvekater where every traveler should give a try to see their unique.

7. Rotterdam

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the biggest port in Europe. Its location is very strategist. That is why it is like a gate for every traveler when want to go to Europe. It has a lot of modern building design that makes every traveler will love to see.

Euromast tower, Erasmusbrug, The world museum, Kijk-Kubus, Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo), splash tours, Rotterdam bicycle and souvenir, is the most tourist attraction and things should not forget.

Rotterdam bicycle will guide you go around by bike. A bike is trendy here.

Splash tours is a walking bus on the water. It is on the Maas River. The bus will take the passenger thorough Mass River.

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6. Kinderdijk

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk is a small town and it is a village that is situated at the intersection of two rivers, that is Noord and Lek river.

There are a lot of windmills. The function is to pump water so that flood will not happen in the village. Flood happen because of it is situated on the land with elevations below sea level.

Today, kinderdijk become one of the most tourist attraction because of having a lot of windmills.

The bicycle is available too. Everyone and every traveler can rent a bike. It is easy to do.

Canal Cruise and Museum Windmill are the two things you should give a try. Canal Cruise will guide touring through canal using a boat powered by electricity.

Grand cafe buena vista and partycentrum de klok is the famous restaurant you will love when feeling hungry.

5. Gouda

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Gouda

Gouda is well-known as cheese producer. Sixty percent of cheese in the Netherlands come from this city. The name come from Van Der Goude family live in the 11th century.

Cheese mart is available in summer. It takes place at The Markt where there are two well-known places, that is City Hall and De Waag. The shopping center is at Kleiweg. Kleiweg and Markt are connected with a road where people can walk with cozy because of no vehicle are allowed.

NS Rijweishop Gouda is where everyone can rent a bike. But the rent price is more expensive than other cities in the country.

Sirop waffle van Vliet and Sint janskerk gouda are another option places where every traveler could visit.

4. Den Haag

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Den Haag

In fact, there are a lot of foreign nationals in Den Haag. No wonder you can find a variety of different culture. It is third biggest cities in the Netherlands.

Tram, train and bus is the most popular transportation. Going around will be enough to ride one of them. For a lower price, OV Chipcard is the solution.

For bicycle lover, it is easy to rent a bike at Rijwel shop Den Haag CS, Rijwel shop Den Haag HS or Du Noord Scheveningen.

Muslim traveler has a must-do daily activity that is salah (salat). Masjid Al-Hikmah could be the solution. The current address is Heeswijkplein 170-171, 2531 HK Den Haag.

The most tourist attraction is Paleis Noordeinde, Paleis Huis Ten Bosch, Binnenhof, Vredespaleis, Gemmente Museum, Museon, Panorama Mesdag, Madurodam, Duinrell and Scheveningen.

For shopping lover could visit Centrum and De Maagse Markt. They will provide food, meat, meal and everything you need not feel hungry.

You need sleep after going an around the city. Hostel Stayokay Den Haag, Novotel Hotel, Fast and Steigenberger Kurhaus could be the option.

3. Keukenhof

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Keukenhof

Keukenhof is a city with a lot of flowers in everywhere. It is the most tourist attraction it has.

Traveler is allowed to visit for about three months. The period is any time in the middle of March until the middle of may. Beautiful flower will be blossom in April and May.

There is an Indoor Flower Show. It takes places in three different areas. Amaryllis, freesia, tulips, begonia and many another kind of flower will be lovely to see.

The good news is the seeds of the flower is available for sale. The problem is when the new environment is not as the same in where they come from. It could be not as beautiful as you see before.

Another fun activity that is available is rent a bike, boat trip, bloemencorso(flower parade) and visit De Zwarte Tulp Museum.

2. Leiden

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Leiden

When it comes to Leiden, it is interesting to talk about Leiden University. It is one of the old school available. Heike Kammerlingh Onnes, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Pieter Zeeman and Albert Einstein is the most popular scientists that have been here.

The city is full of a classical building. Museum, cafe, restaurant stand across the street. A lot of poetry is written at the building in the center of the city.

Surakarta restaurant, Doner company, Het Koetshuis “De Burcht” and Stadscafe van Der Werff is the best option where you have to come by when you feel hungry.

The choosing place for sleep, there is a Nieuw Minerva Hotel, Bed and Beschuit (an apartment) and Pride of Leyden.

If you have still a time for touring, going around to Molen De Valk, National Museum of Ethnology (Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde), National Museum of the History of Sains and Medicine (Museum Boerhaave), Marekerk, City Hall (Stadhuis), The Burcht, Hoglndse(Hoglandsekerk), St. Peter Church(Pieterskerk), National Museum of Antiquities, Vand der Werf Park, Rembrandt Park, Molen De Put Park, Hortus Botanicus Garden, Naturalis Museum, Leiden City Cruise, Bootjes and Broodjes and Boat Rental Galgewater could be the next destination.

1. Delft

Best Places To Visit In Netherlands Delft

Delft is the city of art and technology. A well-known art is View On Delft by Johannes Vermeer. There is a Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), that is well-known for their research on technology. Their research is including solar-powered car, flying robot and senz umbrella.

This is why many students around the world come to Delft. They want to study at the one of the best university in the world.

A bicycle is everywhere, includes in Delft. Halfords and Near Delft Zuid Station where you can rent a bike.

Eating and Eating. Yes, you will have to eat. Pizzeria Dennis, Peking, De Pelicaan, T’boterhis cafe, Redjeki, Doner King Kebab Centrum will provide what you need to keep not hungry.

When it comes to sleep, Grand Canal Hotel, Hotel Juliana and Jorplace city hostel are ready for you.

Another tourist attraction could be Nusantara Museum, Prinsehof Museum, Vermeer Centrum Delft, Mollen de Roos, Oude Kerk, Niew Kerk, Town Hall(Stadhius), Markt, Oostpoort Gate, Canal Boat, Pedal Boat, Canal Hopper(taxi on the water), The Beauty of Royal Delft Blue, Science center, botanical park and IKEA.

Map Of Netherlands

1. Provinces Of Netherlands

Map Of Netherlands Provinces Of Netherlands

2. Train Route Guide

Map Of Netherlands Train Route Guide

3. Amsterdam Tourist Map

Map Of Netherlands Amsterdam Tourist Map

4. Leiden Tourist Map

Map Of Netherlands Leiden Tourist Map

5. Rotterdam Tourist Map

Map Of Netherlands Rotterdam Tourist Map

6. Delft Tourist Map

Map Of Netherlands Delft Tourist Map

7. Amsterdam Transportation Map

Map Of Netherlands Amsterdam Transportation Map

8. Bus Amsterdam Schipool Route

Map Of Netherlands Bus Amsterdam Schipool Route

9. Rotterdam-Den Haag Transportation Map

Map Of Netherlands Rotterdam-Den Haag Transportation Map

10. Bus Delft Route

Map Of Netherlands Bus Delft Route

11. Regio-Haaglanden Route

Map Of Netherlands Regio-Haaglanden Route

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