10 Best Places To Visit In Thailand With Families And Friends

Thailand is considered as the most famous travel destinations of South East Asia. No doubt about it. The country has stunning sites such as beaches and coastlines that travelers love to visit. You could see hill tribes having handicrafts for sale or monks dressed in orange robes heading for the temples.

Furthermore, you could see ruins and other historic sites that captivated both the locals and the travelers. Aside from these, who wouldn’t miss the fascinating and exciting places that surely offers lots of fun and discoveries? Are you excited to visit and see these places? Here is a few great information that would delight you in taking a tour in the top 10 places to visit in Thailand.

10. Thailand Islands

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

These islands are known for the beautiful scenery the good ambiance and the party setting of many of its beaches. There are many sorts of fun activities you could do such as swimming, island hopping, camping and more. These islands are perfect not only for the vacation look it provides but also for the kind and friendly people living in the islands. You could expect a sunny and fun adventure as you and your family enjoy the waves and the great site of the beaches.

9. Chiang Mai

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

You would discover Thai culture and tradition in this city. The temples of Buddhists are exciting as it gives you a color and discovery of the history of Thailand. You have a big chance to see the ancient and modern architecture of Thailand. Go with fellow tourists and see the parks and museums around the city. Meet the residents of the city and learn new things about them. Furthermore, be amazed by the landscapes that are truly an awesome site.

8. Bangkok

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Are you interested to visit the popular tourist street, Khao San Road? This is the city where it is located – Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Here, you could experience a great nightlife, dining an affordable way of shopping. Take time in visiting the tall building and temples around the city. You are given the chance to meet people and talk to them. The city is full of life and you are welcome to enjoy the city celebration.

7. Kanchanaburi

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Travelers and tourists wanting to amazing scenery and waterfalls wouldn’t be disappointed in coming into this place. Here, you have a great selection of attractive sites that range from the caves to the waterfalls. You also have a chance to see the historic site such as the Death Railway that is famous due to the death of POWS and laborers during the Japanese occupation in World War II. You could also talk with the locals in the place and discover more information.

6. Ayuthaya

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

The city was founded in 1350. It has 400 temples, three palaces a million population. The historic site loved by tourist due to the excellent setting and the rich discoveries it offers. This place could easily be accessed by train, car, van or bus. Furthermore, you have a great chance to discover new information since the development of the historic site. You do camping and picture taking in the country together with the chance of meeting the natives.

5. Railay

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Tourists who are avid rock climbers would be thrilled to go to this peninsula for the rock climbing adventure that it offers. You could take your climbing advantage by having a relaxing time in the resorts before you make your climbing trips. Expect a great time at the beach as see the waves. You could also play games with your family while staying at the cottages offered by the resorts.

4. Khao Sok National Park

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Many people consider this place as one of the most beautiful wildlife habitats in Thailand. Herr, you have the best opportunity to different kinds of animals such as the wild boar, the barking deer, and the Asian elephants. You could do trekking in the pathways that lead to the wildlife. Here, you are sure to have great fun and adventure as you discover many animals and their chosen habitat.

3. Phanom Rung

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

This is located near an extinct volcano in the Northern Part of Thailand. This Hindu Shrine is amazing due to the excellent architecture it has. The site of the shrine is historic but gives a great view of the entire place. Here, you would meet the locals and the traditions and festivals they have. One of the festivals that are celebrated here is the Phanom Rung Festival that covers you with the delight of having ceremonies and much more.

2. Chiang Rai

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

This is considered as the major commercial hub that is part of the Golden Triangle -Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The city is busy with markets and restaurants that are often visited by tourists and travelers. You could expect for fun and excitement all the time. You would also have the chance to enjoy the fun activities that are held by the people here. There is a wide selection of foods and local shops that would fill your appetite and amazement.

1. Pai

Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Visiting and discovering the regions o Pai is simply amazing to do. You are offered the best way of meeting the hill tribes and knowing more about the tradition of the place. Take your best shot when it comes to hiking and discovering places that offer you a great adventure. You could go camping in the forests and other places that fit your interest.

Furthermore, those who are a game in the white water adventure would be satisfied as this place satisfies your aim to have a whitewater fun. You could learn the traditional cuisine that is offered by the tribes.

Thailand gives you the big opportunity to take your adventure to the fullest. Learn and discover new things as Thailand is one of the best places in the world for you to do it. So, are you ready to visit Thailand? Take the great opportunity by being one of the millions who visited this amazing country. Expect for a time of fun, adventure and excitement that you would never forget. It’s all here in Thailand !

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