11 Best Places To Visit In Spain


Spain is a country offering exotic of the Mediterranean, extraordinary arts, a lot of oranges, ruins of the glory of Islamic Empire, architectural buildings, fashion and halal food.

Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso is the famous name when it comes to art. Mango, Zara and Bershka and Desigual is the famous brand of fashion and mode.

The list of 10 best places in Spain could be the new destination that is safe for every traveler ought to visit.

11. Sierra Nevada

Best Places To Visit In Spain Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is an area on mountain situated in Granada Province and Almeria. Snow always covers the peak, especially at winter.

The city is the one of the most lovely places to play sky. It because the weather is not too cold, or some say this is warmer than other sky places, and more sunshine.

To do a sky, a traveler can bring their equipment or rent. Soleranet is the right places to rent a ski tool.

There is a skiing guided tour that provides a professional expert to guide the beginner. The cost is not expensive, for about 19 to 25 euro.

For kids, snowmobile and snowrackets are available for rent. The other option is Toboggan and Russian Sled.

The ice skating is interesting too for everyone.

10. Madrid

Best Places To Visit In Spain Madrid

Madrid, some say it is a vibrant city with 24 architectural museums and 37 theater, is the third biggest city in the world. The second and the first are Paris and London. The town is where the family kingdom lives, crowded with daily business activity, the center of government and parliament.

The museum should every traveler visited is Del Prado Museum and Puerto De Sol Museum. There is a Flamenco show, matador attraction and bullfight, as other option.

The best time to visit it is at spring and autumn that last at April, May, June, September and October.

From May to June, there is a lot of festivals is being held. San Isdiro, Bullfight festival, is the favorite one.

Today, a Halal restaurant is the part of the city. El Califa, Nawaab, Capadocia, Bombay Palace, is the place that provides halal food. It is suitable for Muslim traveler, of course, for non-Muslims too.

Are you looking for the easy-buy shopping center? That is not a problem. It is good news for a traveler with a lot of money because the city has Calle de Preciados that is well-known as a paradise for shopping lover.

Furthermore, Department store offers a lot of product, named El Corte Ingles. A variety of famous brand is ready for sale.

Other options of tourist attraction of the city are Royal Palace, Puerta Del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de La Villa, Plaza de Cibeles, Reina Sofia Museum, Thyssen Museum and Las Ventas and Real Madrid Stadion.

9. Barcelona

Best Places To Visit In Spain Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most-visited city in Europe, except Paris, London and Rome. Classical architectural buildings, good food, friendly weather all year, FC Barcelona and beautiful beach with 4,5 in length, attract people to discover more about the city.

Most visited time is in Summer and the day of Festes De La Merce festival in September.

To get around the city, bus and tram are suitable to serve to anywhere. Another option is rent a motorcycle.

The Favorite places of the city are La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and La Rambia.

There is Indonesian restaurant that is Betawi Restaurant at Carrer de Montsio 6, Barcelona.

Another interesting part is Sant Joan Festival, El Grec Festivals, Placa Del Rei, Barri Gotic Area, Cathedral, Museu d’Historia de la Ciutat(A Museum), L ‘Eixample & Gracia, Casa Mila, Casa Battlo, Casa Lleo Morera, Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Palau de la Musica Catalana, Basilica de Santa del Mar, Museu Picasso, Parc de la Ciutadella, La Rambla, Mercat de la Boqueria, Monument a Colom, Castell de Montjuic, Fundacio Joan de Miro, Poble Espanyol, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Port Vell, Port Olimpic, La Roca Village, Costa Brava, L’Aquarium, IMAX and Tidibo Amusement Park.

8. Tarragona

Best Places To Visit In Spain Tarragona

Tarragona is the city with a lot of Historical buildings, from Rome, Medieval and Modern. Some of them are the list of Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The unique things are most of museum and monument is closed on Monday.

The best time to visit the city in June to September. Amfi-theater, Balco del Mediteratnnia, Circus Rome and Pont del Diable, is the must-visit places. To stay for a while, the good one is Rambla Nova.

In fact, alongside Rambla Nova is a place for shopping. They sell a lot of variety of food, dress, daily need and many others. A particular area to buy fish is Mercat Central. It is on Placa Corsini.

Festivals are very popular here. The most ones are Santa Tecla and Catalunya. It is being held near the museum.

Other tourist attraction is Balco del Mediterrani, Amfiteater Roma, Circus Rome, The Walls, Cathedral, Pont del Diable and beach. The most beautiful beach is Arabassada Beach.

7. Valencia

Best Places To Visit In Spain Valencia

Valencia, one of a lot of the witness to the history of the Golden Age of Islamic Empire, is the third biggest city in Spain. Its port is the biggest in the Mediterranean. There is three religion live here, and they are Islam, Christian and Jewish.

Ruins of The Moorish, El-Micatel (El-Miguelete), Jardin del Real Park and La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia buildings could tell about how Valencia in the past.

In fact, the city is the biggest one for producing the paella rice in the world. It has a beautiful beach named Play de la Malvarossa and a fantastic national park named Albufera.

The peak time to visit is in the time La Fallas de San Jose and Dia de San Juan (Midsummer Festivals) held in March. The weather is cozy all year. It makes all the fun and engaging activity not hard to enjoy.

For those who love car race, Grand Prix Car F1 is a must-see event.

Other must-visit places are the cathedral, Basilika de la Virgen, De Tribunal de Las Aguas and Malvorossa Beach.

6. Granada

Best Places To Visit In Spain Granada

The weather and the barren soil is making the city as one of the most massive olives and olive oil producing town. It’s temperature usually at 40 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for producing olives and olive oil.

The city is one of the evidence of the golden age of Islamic Empire. The traveler can visit 6 active mosques. The biggest one is Mezquita de Granada.

Alhambra and The Moorish Castle could be the next destination. Both are the most visited places in the Granada.

It is easy to find halal food. The popular one is Maroko Market.

For staying a while or days, the proper place is around Grand Via and Plaza Nueva area.

Other option of must-visit place is de San Cecillo Festival, Semana Santa Festival, Cruces de Mayo Festival, Museo Cuevas Sacromonte and Alcaiceria.

5. Cordoba

Best Places To Visit In Spain Cordoba

Cordoba is one of the lists of world heritage site by unesco. There are a lof of Ancient roman ruins and Moorish ruins.

Many scientist and philosopher were born. Some of them are Ibnu Farabi, Abu Al-Qasim, Zirjab and Maimonides. Today, Their knowledge is still applicable.

The most-visit places are La Mezquita, La Juderia, Alcazar and Museo Vivo de Al-Andalus. In the Cordoba and Madinat Al-Zahra, tourist destination closed on Monday.

The festivals usually last at May. The biggest one is Die Feria festival. All stay is always full at this time.

There is a particular area for kids named Alcazar Park. Other option, visit old city area. Both areas are suitable for family recreation destination.

Take a nap is an always-activity named Siesta. It usually begins at 2.00 pm.

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4. Sevilla

Best Places To Visit In Spain Sevilla

Sevilla situated in south Spain, alongside Guadalquivir River. The city is the capital of Andalusia Province.

Bullfight and flamenco are well-known as a fun activity must-do here. Bullfight takes place at Plaze de Toras de la Maenstranza and flamenco at La Giralda.

Carmen and Don Juan are both well-known artists that were born here.

The peak visiting time is in April. It is cozy to visit all year, though. But at summer, the temperature usually rises at 40 degrees Celsius.

Hostels offer a low price. Some of them are Casa Sol y Luna, Hostal Arias, Hostal Goya and Hostal San Benilo.

Some of the restaurants in the city provide the halal food. Some of them are Aladin, Al Diuan, Al-Medina, As-Sawira, En la Casa de Abdul, Fez Restaurante and Petra.

Do not find any compelling yet? Ok, try to visit Cathedral Sevilla-La Giralda, Real Alcazar, Bario Santa Cruz, Plaza de Espana and Torre del Oro.

3. Ronda

Best Places To Visit In Spain Ronda

Ronda is one of the most beautiful city on earth. No wonder many artists falls in love. Ernest Hemingway, Goya, Picasso, Ava Gardner, Singer Rilke and Madonna is the list of the name of the artist that has been here. In fact, Orson Welle, an American filmmaker, was buried here.

Ruins of mosque, church and an old classical building from the past remain. They are the evidence that Ronda was having a glory days.

The must-visit places is Puente Nuevo, Casa del Rey Moro, Palacio de Mondragon, Museo del Bandolero and Plaza de Toros.

The city has an always activity named Feria de Pedro Romero held in September which is the best time to get a vacation here.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivals, Puente Nuevo and Casa del Rey Moro are an alternative tourist attraction that might worth to consider.

2. Nerja

Best Places To Visit In Spain Nerja

Nerja is a city part of the Costa del Sol beach, a small area with bright white buildings laid on the Hill. The weather is usually hot, but not that hot. The most heated is 43 degrees Celsius. That is why many travelers from Europe get a vacation to the city, to run away from winter.

A traveler can visit the city any time. Balcon de Europe, Burriana Beach and Cuevas de Nerja are some of the lists of the must-visit places. Cueva de Nerja is the most popular place to visit and the biggest cave in Europe.

To go around Andalusia, Nerja is a perfect place to stay, because the cost is cheapest.

The city is not the kind places for crazy shopping lover. There are not available famous things to buy. The only available to purchase is olives, olive oil, wine and some variety of gift in Balcon de Europa.

1. Malaga

Best Places To Visit In Spain Malaga

Malaga is on the banks of Mediterranean beach and it is a great place to visit, with a lot of historical buildings. The most-visited sites are Picasso Museum, Casa Natal Picasso, Cathedral, Alcazaba and Finca de la Concepcion.

April to May and September to October is the best time of year to visit the city.

It has a must-take-a-nape activity start at 2 pm. Commonly all restaurant, shop and any other places will do this.

Rent a bike is common here. A lot of places, from Cyclo point, Bike 2 Malaga and Malaga bike tours and rentals will provide the services.

Another option is rent a car. From Molino Lario, Avenida de Cervantes and Paseo Juan Temboury will do the services.

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