10 Best Places to Stay In Canada

There are many places you can stay in Canada depending on your budget. From luxurious hotels to low-cost residents, you can never fail to find a place that suits your budget needs. Here are the best places to stay in Canada.

1. Hotel de Glace

places to stay in canada

A few miles from Quebec downtown, you will find Hotel de Glace, the magnificent North A America’s first ever ice hotel that will give you a rare opportunity of sleeping on a bed made from solid ice. The entire structure is made of solid ice including glasses in the bar.

Located at the foot of Mt. Tourbillion, the hotel will offer you four levels of luxurious packages including Northern Discovery, Adventure, Romantic Getaway and Ultimate Getaway packages. On top of that, you will have a range of accommodations to choose from which range from the intimate regular rooms to individually themed suites which have fireplaces and spas at your disposal.

2. Bic Camping

places to stay in canada

If you are that person who loves traveling light and living a simple life, Bic Camping is a perfect spot for you. Situated on the banks of St. Lawrence River’s estuary, the site gives you natural attributes which include capes, bays, coves and numerous islands among other features of great interest.

The camping site has affordable facilities at Rioux and La Coulee camps among other areas. Additionally, there are 125 unreserved pitches, 9 tent platforms, 20 Huttopia tents, 7 trailer tents, 8 yurts and of course igloos during winter. Other facilities of great interest are the convenient store, nature boutique, bicycle rental, laundromat, and a boat ramp and so on. Certainly, the Bic Camping has more than what you need when staying there.

3. Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel

places to stay in canada

Located at 75 Nicholas Street in Ottawa, Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel is a cool and serene place to stay while in Canada. From concerts to shows at Odyssey Theatre and 2 Day Ave Arts Court Building to other places of interest in the area, actually, there is more than meets the eye. You can never fail to find your favorite bite just half kilometer away from the Hostel. Famous joints like Mugshots jail bar will provide you with a variety of drinks and foodstuff to sample.

When it comes to nightlife, Highlander Pub at 115 Rideau Street in Ottawa, will get you immersed in all kinds of entertainment that will momentarily make you feel comfortable and part of this wonderful place in Ontario. However, your stay in Ottawa will not be memorable if you don’t pay a visit to the Museum of Classical Antiquities situated at Laurier Avenue E, Ottawa.

4. Wild Exodus Glamorous Camping

places to stay in canada

Wild Exodus Glamorous Camping is an eight-hour drive destination from Toronto following the Trans-Canada Highway. You can choose to stay there in summer to enjoy long days with temperatures of up to 23 degrees or take your vacation there in the months of May to September when temperatures are around 17 degrees.

Whichever the case, you will never get bored with lots of activities taking place in this location. Likely, you will find indulging in harvesting wild rice from the canoe to be your newfound hobby or spending a little more time howling at the wolves to be quite fascinating among other activities.

5. Killarney Lodge

places to stay in canada

Right at the center of the rugged and unspoiled Algonquin Park, you will come across a breathtaking Killarney Lodge, sitting on the private peninsula at the shore of Lake of Two Rivers. The lodge itself has been in existence for more than seven decades and it is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens and trees.

This is a perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the quietness in the wilderness away from televisions and radios or even telephones. Apart from that, you can choose your bed in the lodge depending on your preference; there is one bed, two beds, duplex and also a three-bedroom cottage if you come along with your family. There are three meals a day with the availability of both cold and hot drinks that you can enjoy while having an evening congregation with other guests at the lounge.

6. Flora Bora Forest Lodging

places to stay in canada

At Flora Bora Forest Lodging, you will have a lifetime of experience in a comfortable yurt within a stunning wooded environment away from hustles and bustles of everyday life. The lodge is located next to Lake Christopher and Emma and surrounded by almost 30 acres of forest and it is 7 kilometers off the Highway 2n.

The lodge has plenty to offer and you will not miss out on anything in the course of your stay. There is golfing, classic restaurants, art galleries, delicious food and drinks and also shopping. Away from that, there are other attractions including Lakes Christopher and Emma, Prince Albert National Park and Waskesiu town site where you can occasionally explore when staying at the lodge.

7. Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise

places to stay in canada

Whenever you think of a serene environment surrounded with tall mountains peaks, a glacier and an emerald lake, think of Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise at the heart of Alberta’s Banff National Park. The park is located at 111 Lake Louise Drive in Alberta, Canada. Your stay at the lodge will be worthwhile and quite fulfilling.

There are a lot of activities like hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and many more to keep you occupied all the time. And of course, there is mouth-watering cuisine and drinks to sample while viewing the spectacular Victoria Glacier to give you that soothing and exotic feeling of your new surroundings. Besides, there is a spa to relax your body and mountain yoga to keep your senses alert as you reconcile with the reality. If you love adventure, Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise is waiting for you.

8. Sundance Lodges

places to stay in canada

The lodges are located in the famous Canadian Rockies, 22 kilometers south of Trans Canada at the heart of Kananaskis County in Alberta. Just 45 minutes of drive from Calgary or Banff you will be at the lodge to enjoy the favorable environment and comfort in your canvas tipis or tent that the lodge provides to the visitors like you. Alternatively, you can bring your camping equipment with you to help you save a few coins on your budget.

At Sundance, you can enjoy soccer, volleyball, badminton and many more during your stay at the lodge. Besides, you can take your adventure to the Kananaskis river banks, take a view of the Mount Allen, Lorrette and finish your day admiring Mount Kit. Later, you may consider taking part in canoeing or kayaking and biking to keep yourself fit while exploring your new environment around the lodge.

9. King Pacific Lodge

places to stay in canada

King Pacific Lodge is located at Milbanke Sound along the British Columbia’s beautiful Central Coast. The lodge sits on a 21 million acre rainforest and its unique location and other features have earned it the title of an eco-lodge.

The striking thing about this lodge is that it floats and sometimes towed 116 miles from the winter home to summer location within Great Bear Rainforest exposing you to every conducive environment across the year. The area around the lodge is perfect for wilderness hiking, kayaking and freshwater fishing. Unlike other places in such a setup, you can watch movies, get to the theatre and participate in the BC sport-fishing.

10. Tipi Camp Nature Retreat

places to stay in canada

Tipi Camp Nature is located in Kootenay Lake, British Columbia and it is ideal for you if you would like to spend a little time away from the usual your lifestyle. The camp was established in the 1980s thanks to Guiding Hands Recreational Society. The aim was to create awareness to the public about the importance of natural values as well as the benefits of outdoor recreational activities away from the stressful modern society. That is why you will find informative workshops, summer camps and interactive experiences for youths running freely at the camp.

By visiting the camp, you will be supporting it at the same time, enjoying yourself. There are plenty of activities which include canoeing, hiking, swimming and yoga to keep you occupied throughout your stay. The good thing about this camp is that it is a drug-free and pet-free zone with designated places for smokers to promote morals and keep the environment clean.


Canada has plenty to offer and the above-mentioned places are some of the best places you can choose to stay during your vacation. All you need is a good budget and you are good to go.

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