10 Beautiful Places To Visit Around London


Without any doubt, London is the most ethnically and lively diverse city in the world. A plethora of visitors from around the planet flocks to the capital to discover its wealth. When we talk about to offering accommodation to the inquisitive holidaymakers, the English capital provides a wide range of London hotels in the exquisite districts of the city that provide you access to the vital landmarks, entertainment venues, and shopping centers.

10. Tower Of London

Places To Visit In London Tower Of London

With its magnificent role in the history of the city, this destination in London is the first in our list. The tower was developed more than 900 years ago that indeed elucidates the role of the tower in illuminating the history of the city. Apart from the grounds, which surround the tower present an expression of the amazing terrors and dramas of the kingdom that used to be quite turbulent in those times.

9. Windsor Castle

Places To Visit In London Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle was established hundred years go to show its connection and linkage along with the British Royal Family. Lots of Monarchs in England has utilized this castle for their own residence because of which it’s still known as the most used and longest palace in the history of the continent. For those travelers who prefer to get an idea of civil war, this place is indeed the one you must visit.

8. Madame Tussauds

Places To Visit In London Madame Tussauds

The only reason behind the international fame of this place and the massive tourist inflow is the wax models that are present in the planetarium. Such wax models are made in gratitude to some of the greatest superstars and celebrities of the world. Some of the models include Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt and a lot more.

7. Buckingham Palace

Places To Visit In London Buckingham Palace

The perfect time to visit this place in London is during the summer months so you can see the surrounding view of the museum in its full bloom. The process of construction was done in 1850 by Edward Blore. Since those periods, a lot of constructions and renovations have been brought in the palace that is still known as the main façade of the city. The majority of staterooms of the palace are opened for the public and tourists in the months of August and September.

6. Science Museum

Places To Visit In London Science Museum

Being the part of the magnificent National Museum of Science and History, this place is one of the most recommended locations for those people who love science. The Science Museum receives excellent funding from the part of the government, therefore there’s no admission cost. However, in time of exhibitions that are managed after regularly scheduled interludes, a minimal amount is charged. There are over 300,000 inventions and scientific items available in the museum.

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5. The British Museum

Places To Visit In London The British Museum

Established in 1753 after some extensive collective efforts, the British Museum is listed on top in terms of the historical and greatest museums. The museum includes a collection of around 8 million artifacts, works and a lot more. If you want to absorb and document the history of the human race, this place is extremely recommended. Did you know that the foundation of the museum has been laid by the great Sir Hans Sloane and the proper accent for founding the museum was provided by King George II? In the past 259 years, this building has gone several changes in its construction with continuous renovations, which were made every now and then.

4. Westminster Abbey

Places To Visit In London Westminster Abbey

In case you didn’t know yet, the Westminster Abbey is the most religious and historical site in England. This church was constructed many years ago and it’s the place where most of England’s Queens and Kings were crowned the glory of the kingdom. Once you enter the church, you can witness the places where the crowning happened. Apart from that, it’s inside the church and close grounds where some of the greatest political and historical figures of England are being buried. Westminster Abbey indeed comes to offer a mesmerizing experience to those people who wish to visit this tourist location.

3. Hampton Court Palace

Places To Visit In London Hampton Court Palace

This palace is situated near to Central London and it will only take thirty minutes to reach this lovely tourist location through a train. There’s a romantic way of reaching the palace and that’s getting into a boat on the Thames River. You can also bring the casual stroll across the remarkable gardens that surround the palace. You can also try to visit into the sought after maze that is situated in these gardens.

2. ST. Paul’s Cathedral

Places To Visit In London ST. Paul's Cathedral

This building is striking by its landmark dome that comes to add a huge amount of beauty to the whole architecture of the site. Holding an excellent deal of national importance, this location is also utilized for hosting a number of events. Further, it was created by the best architect and one of the most sought-after and renowned figures of those periods, Sir Christopher Wren. The entire construction process of this building was initiated of the Great Fire, which swept all the areas of London many centuries ago.

1. London Eye

Places To Visit In London London Eye

The London Eye is situated on the bank of the majestic River Thames. This location has been referred the London Eye because of the huge Ferris Wheel found in the center. According to some reports and surveys, it has been estimated that over 3.5 million tourists come to visit this place on a yearly basis. You can see that the structured was erected in 1999 and during that time, it was considered to be the highest and tallest Ferris Wheel in the planet until it was replaced by the Start of Nanchang, which is 160 meters high. In 2011, the name of this place has been altered to EDF Energy London Eye. All the capsules connected to the major structure are air-conditioned and they have been made by Leitner-Poma.

So, if you plan to visit London this season, or next year, make sure that you include these 10 places to visit in London on your bucket list. Don’t forget to bring your camera of course!

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