10 Affordable Hotel In London


London is one of the greatest cities in Europe with plenty of attractions to see and places to visit. It is cultural, historical and entertainment hub with a lot to offer. You may find it hard to believe, but London has many great places where you can visit without breaking your bank. The following are 10 affordable hotel to stay in London for traveller.

10. Alexander House

Affordable Hotel In London Alexander House

Alexander House Hotel is located close to the Victoria train station. The area around the hotel is very nice and cosmopolitan, offering many nice attractions. The hotel has very nice and friendly atmosphere, while their service is of top quality. Facilities are very elegant and include en-suite bathrooms and free breakfasts for the guests. The average price of rooms is above fifty pounds, which is very good for a hotel of this caliber.

9. Gloucester Place

Affordable Hotel In London Gloucester Place

Gloucester Place Hotel is in the stylish Marylebone neighborhood and offers very nice rooms for prices of around eighty pounds and above. The closest tube to this hotel is Marble Arch so you can quickly reach other parts of London. You will feel like at home in this hotel, offering rooms in traditional Georgian style, concierge service, free Wi-Fi, and continental breakfast. Major attractions like Hyde Park and Madame Tussauds wax museum are within a few minutes walk from the hotel.

8. Cherry Court

Affordable Hotel In London Cherry Court

Cherry Court Hotel is another fabulous hotel with affordable prices of as low as fifty pounds for a room. It has a home vibe attached to it, so you will always feel nice and comfortable in the cozy rooms equipped with all necessary facilities for you to enjoy a pleasant stay. This fully refurbished hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and continental breakfast, both included in the room price.

7. Chiswick Court

Affordable Hotel In London Chiswick Court

Chiswick Court Hotel is a great and cheap place to stay if you are looking to spend a few days in London and if you want an easy and quick connection to London`s Heathrow Airport. The average price of rooms is between fifty and seventy pounds and at this hotel you also get free breakfast and free parking space for your car. The hotel is located in West London, close to Royal Botanical Gardens.

6. Hotel Montana

Affordable Hotel In London Hotel Montana

Hotel Montana is located in the middle of King`s Cross. The rooms in this hotel are spacious and cozy, equipped with all essentials for spending a quality vacation. The average room prices are about eighty pounds. The hotel has several great facilities to offer for every visitor and the hotel staff is very friendly. From this hotel you can easily reach central London, British Museum and British Library.

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5. London House

Affordable Hotel In London London House

London House Hotel has been renovated recently and now it offers very clean, furbished and elegant rooms for every taste. The average price of rooms is around sixty pounds, and all rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, as well as with mini refrigerators. From London House Hotel you can easily reach a few great attractions such as Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens or Noting Hill.

4. Pickwick Hall

Affordable Hotel In London Pickwick Hall

Pickwick Hall hotel is located in a quiet area, among many beautiful houses built in Georgian style. You are close to all attractions, but still can get a great rest in the cozy rooms for average room price between forty and sixty pounds. Free breakfast is also included in the room price, and from this hotel you can easily reach London`s China Town, West End, Covent Garden and Soho by taking a short ten minute walk.

3. Ridgemount Hotel

Affordable Hotel In London Ridgemount Hotel

Ridgemount Hotel is a family run hotel, located in the middle of the attractive area of West End. Rooms are bright and spacious, equipped with soft mattresses, bathrooms and other quality facilities. Average room prices are around 60-70 pounds, and from this hotel you are within short walking distance of the popular Oxford Street, known for top quality shopping stores, and you are also close to the Museum of London and Soho.

2. Tune Hotel

Affordable Hotel In London Tune Hotel

Tune Hotel is one of the top hotels located in Central London, where you can spend quality holiday on a budget. The room prices start as low as forty pounds and all rooms are equipped with necessary things for spending a comfortable holiday. Power showers and 5-star Hypnos beds are some of the top options offered in the rooms of this hotel, and the service is top quality.

1. Viking Hotel

Affordable Hotel In London Viking Hotel

Viking Hotel is a great budget hotel located in the East End, in the area known as Stratford. The average room price is between forty and fifty pounds and the rooms are very stylish and equipped with soft beds and en-suite bathrooms. The hotel is located in a quiet area, but there are a lot of nice pubs in close distance. Nearby is the popular shopping center called Westfield Stratford, and you also have pretty good connections to all major attractions in Central London.

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